ISD Locksmith San Diego, Door Closure Sales & Service

We customize, deliver, and install a variety of door closures for commercial and residential properties.

ISD Locksmith installs and adjusts door closure and exit devices in San Diego for all types of businesses. As a local Pacific Beach Locksmith, we offer installation and services on a range of both manual door closures, which use torsion springs to regulate the speed of the door, or automatic door closures, which are activated by motion or push button control. Door closures can be surface mounted or concealed within the door, doorframe, or floor.


We provide same day locksmith services in Pacific Beach and the surrounding area.






























ISD- Locksmith San Diego offers a wide variety of gate closers including hydraulic, adjustable and heavy duty gate closers

A small list of some of the exit devices we install and service include:
Crash Bar / Panic Bar Exit Devices
Push to Exit / Handicap Exit Devices
Rim Style Exit Devices
Mortise Lock Exit Devices
Surface / Concealed Exit Devices
UL Fire Rated and ANSI Rated Exit Devices

Commercial door closures ensure safe and quiet closure. Door Repair ISD-Locksmith San Diego, provides expert installation of door closures and exit devices for your commercial locksmith property. Affordable and reliable Commercial-grade door closure installation and repair services for residential and commercial businesses in San Diego.

Surface Mounted Door Closures are the most common and least expensive to install. They can be fairly easily replaced, and at the same time they provide a wide variety of features and options that are sometimes can’t be found on other types of door closures.

door closer and emergency exit device
commercial grade door closer device